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About US

Winners Chapel Int'l Glasgow

We are an arm of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. Our vision, as delivered to the Presiding Bishop, Dr. David Oyedepo, is to preach the Word of Faith, liberating men everywhere from every oppression of the devil.

  • First Service Every Sunday @ 9:00am
  • Second Service Every Sunday @ 11:00am
  • Communion Service, Every Wednesday @ 6pm

41 Ashfield Street, Possilpark, Glasgow, Scotland, G22 5HG, United Kingdom. 

Join us daily for the COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER, a One Hour Spiritual prayer platform ordained for our Spiritual Growth and development thereby Making our Case to be Different. Time: Monday – Friday 6am and on Saturday 8:00am

WSF, is the membership identification platform of the church and it’s represented in homes in Glasgow, neighboring towns and beyond. The next meeting takes place on Saturday. Note: All children’s dedication, welfare and membership care of the church are run through this platform. Please find out the one nearest to you. Also, if you would like your house to be a House Fellowship Centre, please speak to any of the Altar Stewards for guidance. Time 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

We Welcome all our New Members/New Converts and Online Worshippers

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Winners Chapel Int’l Glasgow Has Ministries.

Winners Kidz

Teaching Kidz from 1 month to 12 years.

Teen Minstry

Shaping the Next Generation for God

Youth Alive

Youth Alive Fellowship for the young.

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What to expect?

- Practical/in-depth teaching of the Bible.
- Passionate and lively worship
- Services for Kids and Teens available.