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About Us

Welcome to Winners Chapel International, Glasgow. We are an arm of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. Our vision, as delivered to the Presiding Bishop, Dr. David Oyedepo, is to preach the Word of Faith, liberating men everywhere from every oppression of the devil.

We are dedicated to accomplishing this task throughout Scotland, the United Kingdom, and Europe at large.

We are glad you have come to this website because we know your life will never be the same again. Take time to browse through the site and we know it would be a blessing to you. Also join any of our weekly services and as you come, God will meet you at every point of your need. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Remain blessed. 

We are raising a people to be envied,  We are raising a people of attraction, We are raising a people of spiritual depth and insight, We are raising a people of honour, We are raising a people schooled in exploits.